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Course information for first aid courses in both Dutch and English is essential for anyone interested in acquiring life-saving skills.

First Aid (Eerste Hulp Bij Ongevallen): First aid courses focus on teaching fundamental skills to provide initial assistance in a wide range of emergency situations. This includes treating injuries such as cuts, burns, bruises, and recognizing signs of medical emergencies such as a heart attack, stroke, or unconsciousness. Participants learn how to act quickly and effectively to save lives and reduce injuries.

Life-saving Action (LEH – Levensreddend Handelen): LEH courses go a step further than first aid by concentrating on situations where someone’s life is directly in danger. These courses cover topics like resuscitation, checking for breathing, and applying the Heimlich maneuver to prevent choking. LEH training teaches participants how to act immediately and purposefully to save lives in emergency situations.

CPR + AED (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation + Automated External Defibrillator): These courses specifically focus on teaching resuscitation techniques, including chest compressions and ventilation, to maintain the circulation of oxygenated blood in the body of a person experiencing cardiac arrest. They also include training in the use of an AED, a portable device capable of delivering electric shocks to restore the heart to a normal rhythm. CPR + AED courses are vital for saving lives in heart-related emergencies.

In all three courses, participants not only learn the proper techniques and procedures but also how to remain calm and effective in stressful situations. Acquiring these skills can make a significant difference in emergencies, where acting quickly and effectively can save lives and reduce injuries.

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