Quality Assurance first aid course


Maintaining Quality Assurance

The purpose of First Aid International’s quality assurance procedures is to maintain the quality EHBO cursus 16 200of training, ensure customer satisfaction with First Aid International courses and qualifications and the maintain the credibility of First Aid International and its network of training centres.

The goal of these procedures is for FAI’s Quality Assurance Team and the First Aid International Review Board to work with instructors to help them comply with the general and course specific Standards and Procedures.

Quality assurance is maintained by continual monitoring of course evaluations completed by FAI students and by enforcing published requirements with fairness, objectivity and consistency.

By doing this we offer our clients quality assurance equal in strength to any other national first aid system of training.
In those instances where the quality assurance efforts do not result in compliance, penalties are applied as necessary.

The quality assurance processes involves the use of due process, equal application, following precedent when applicable, and complete confidentiality.

All instructors delivering FAI courses should have a valid Identification card to show that they are current and renewed.

Full details of our quality assurance programme are available on request.


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