Did you know? Only 3,1 percent of the Dutch population holds a valid First Aid ( child ) certificate or diploma.

The recent observation that only 3.1 percent of the Dutch population holds a valid First Aid certificate or diploma is alarming and sheds light on a dramatic decline in knowledge about first aid. These findings, presented by the Red Cross, indicate a concerning trend where the number of people considering taking a First Aid or Emergency Response training has significantly decreased.

Even more concerning is the fact that tens of thousands of people have let their First Aid certifications expire, often because they have not attended refresher courses, resulting in their knowledge and insights into emergency response becoming outdated. Basic knowledge of First Aid is crucial, as it can double the chances of survival, especially with rapid interventions such as CPR and the use of an AED within six minutes of an emergency.

The call to undergo First Aid training underscores the essential role of continuous education and awareness in the field of first aid. The goal is to better prepare the community for emergencies, where timely application of life-saving skills can make a significant difference. The importance of these initiatives extends to enhancing overall safety and individuals’ ability to respond effectively in emergencies.

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