Directions Amsterdam Central – Weverij 9 Amstelveen

How nice that you have chosen Safety Centre North Holland Amsterdam! Here you can go for various company education and training courses. If you are travelling by public transport, this route description will tell you exactly how to travel most easily to Weverij 9, Amstelveen.

Still nicer to plan a route yourself? Then click on the following link for the NS planner. 

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Are you travelling by car? Then use the following link to determine your route via GoogleMaps. 


1) At Amsterdam Central Station you can take the Metro towards station zuid (15 min. travel time). Amsterdam Central is known for the characteristic front building the Cuypers building, the Cuypers building was designed by architect P.J.H. Cuypers and was built in 1882-1889.  The Cuypers building is the most visited national monument in the Netherlands.

2) Get off at Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and walk about 1 minute to the southeast. On May 14, 1971, station Amsterdam Bijlmer was  opened as a simple/temporary stop. Near Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA station, PathĂ© Arena is located  here you can go for the latest movies and a nice night out, also a well-known one for most is the Johan Cruyff Arena the home of football club

Ajax Amsterdam. In 2007 the station was renamed from Amsterdam Bijlmer to Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA.  Here you change to bus 300 in the direction of Haarlem Station via Airport track B (4 stops, 14 min travel time).

3) At Amstelveen Bus Station you change to bus 357 direction Aalsmeer Busst which can be found on platform C (3 stops, 6 min travel time).  Amstelveen Bus Station is a large dynamic bus station in the center of Amstelveen, located near the Stadshart.  Here you can enjoy covered shopping in no less than 200 shops. With a cinema, theatre, pop stage and museums, there is also plenty to discover in the field of film and culture.

Get off at Amstelveen, Bovenkerkerweg and continue on foot. Walk to the north on the Bovenkerkerweg to the Zetterij business units  and turn left to the Binderij and then right again  to the Maalderij. At the Weverij, turn left and your destination will be on your left  (about a 6-minute walk).

Upon entering you will enter a central hall, where you can take the stairs up to the first floor. Here you will be welcomed by our hostess. She will help you further with your visit.