Partner – Anna Vastgoed & Cultuur

For quite some time, Vuurrood Veiligheid has had a partnership with Anna Vastgoed & Cultuur. We handle the fire safety of the properties managed by Anna Vastgoed. Additionally, we provide training to the employees and administrators to become emergency response officers (EROs). For this purpose, Vuurrood Veiligheid utilizes the Digital Safety Platform.

Asset Management

With the Digital Safety Platform, you easily gain an overview of all your assets. For each asset, you can view the results of inventories and checklists, action plans, and the company emergency plan.

You can also see our recommendations for maintenance and inspection of preventive measures for each asset. This includes maintenance and inspection of fire extinguishers, emergency lighting, and emergency exits.

Below, you get a clear impression of how we process and use asset information and data to provide you with a clear overview. If desired, we can also process and upload your own checklists to the Digital Safety Platform. This could include items that may not necessarily pertain to safety but for which you still want to have a centralized overview.

Digital Safety Platform

The Digital Safety Platform is an initiative by Vuurrood Veiligheid, launched in 2020. With this, we have developed an all-in-one solution that allows you to easily have all safety-related information within your organization at your fingertips. The Digital Safety Platform offers the following possibilities:

  • E-learning for you and your personnel;
  • Online uw theoriedeelcertificaat behalen;
  • Obtain your theory certificate online;
  • Easily conduct checklists yourself;
  • Digital Risk Assessment & Evaluation, Action Plan, and Company Emergency Plan;
  • Asset Management;
  • Prevention & Maintenance;
  • Workplace Inspections;
  • Your quotes always visible,

Because we have full control over the Digital Safety Platform, we can easily make adjustments to your preferences and offer you fully customized e-learning modules. The customized e-learnings can be created in consultation with you, based on the results from the Risk Assessment & Evaluation and/or your Company Emergency Plan (whether or not prepared for your company by our sister company, Vuurrood Veiligheid)