Partner – Nederlandse Vereniging Bedrijfshulpverlening – NVB

Certification of education / training programs

Vuurrood Veiligheid collaborates with various certification authorities. Vuurrood Veiligheid is also an implementing company for some of these certification authorities, and together, we release our own office the training hardcopy books and/or an e-book & e-learning.

Officially recognized professional competence certificates are issued according to ISO 17024 by a certification body. As a result, these certificates are accepted both in the Netherlands (completely) and internationally (subject to sometimes differing legal regulations).

NVB is the largest certification body in the Netherlands that issues personal certificates for First Aid and Acute Care in accordance with the international standard NEN-EN-ISO/IEC 17024.

First Aid, CPR AED, Company Emergency Response (LEH and BOC), Company Emergency Response Team Leader, Prevention Worker, Head of ERO (Operational).

We also offer E-learning modules for competencies, workshops, or toolbox meetings in the field of company emergency response (ERO), first aid (including pediatric first aid), CPR AED, aggression, as well as for hazardous substance policies and workplace safety control.

Company Emergency Response

Company Emergency Response (ERO) is the assistance provided in case of undesirable events within an organization that threaten the safety and/or health of employees and other individuals present, such as fires and accidents.

After most of the risks identified through the Risk Assesment and Evaluation (RA&E, mandatory for every company!) have been reduced based on the action plan, there will always be some risks that remain. These are called residual risks. Examples of residual risks include fire, accidents, and all other risks that cannot be completely eliminated in advance.

The tasks of company emergency response personnel include at least:

  • Providing first aid in case of accidents.
  • Limiting and combating fires and minimizing the consequences of accidents.
  • Alerting and evacuating all employees and other individuals in the company or facility in emergency situations.

In the Netherlands, it is mandatory for every company emergency response (ERO) provider to undergo training as required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act. ERO personnel must be well-trained and readily available. Through the NVB ISO 17024 personal certificate, ERO providers demonstrate that they have mastered the necessary knowledge and skills and have achieved the required competency.

Certificate validity: 1 year.

NVB offers several modules, namely:

  • Acute Care
  • Acute Care, Child and Environment Module
  • Company Emergency Response (BHV)
  • Company Emergency Response (BHV), Child and Environment Module
  • Fire Instruction and Evacuation
  • CPR and AED
  • Acute Care in Maternity Care