First Aid Refresh English language


Course Information

EHBO cursus werkboek

The refresh First Aid course is designed for clients who wish to have a greater understanding of First Aid then the basic. This course includes also illnesses and injuries and more through the practical scenarios can be contextualized to your customers’ requirements.

The course will meet the recommendations of the Health and Safety Executive for training emergency aid to the appointed person for another year.

Course Specification

Intended Participant:
Workplace appointed persons with secondary care skills
Max Student Instructor Ratio:
12 Candidates: 1 Instructor
Max Class Size:
24 Candidates (with 2 instructors)
Course Duration:
Initial basic Training: 12 hours
Retraining / Refresh time: 06 hours
Knowledge and skills assessment
Certificate Expiry:

1 year from date of completionFirst Aid International are approved by the Health and Safety Executive approval

Dutch Translation Available: Eerste Hulp
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Content and Materials

First Aid International certificaat trainingscentra v3 300

Student Materials Includes:
Essential Skills and Reference Guide
Successful Completion Card
Emergency Plan & Guidance
Wall Certificate
Course Evaluation and Statement of Understanding Form

Hands-on Skill Practice

Students will practice the essential skills in small groups and will apply these skills in scenario sessions during the course.

  Price Refresh course
€ 160,-

* prices are not include VAT / student.
** prices include certificate (FAI), course materials, coffee / tea and lunch.


Students are assessed throughout the course by instructor observation of the essential skills. There is also a summative assessment of knowledge and skills at the end of this course.