GWO First Aid

GWO oplelding: Manual Handling (Verplaatsen / hijsen van lasten)
GWO opleiding: First Aid (Eerste Hulp)
GWO opleiding: Fire Awareness (Brandveiligheid)
GWO opleiding: Working at Height (Werken & redding op hoogte)
GWO opleiding: Sea Survival First Aid (Off-shore redding, Eerste Hulp EHBO)

Basic Safety Training Module First Aid FAI

Practical skills covered:
CPR Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation
AED use and limitations
Primary and secondary surveys
Care of basic first aid situations
Airway management
Injury assessment and bleeding control
Spinal management techniques
Use of splints to provide immobilisation for fractures and dislocations
Packaging and moving a casualty – Spine board.

Also covered in this course:
Legislation regarding First Aid in the workplace, Responce officer First Aid LEH.

The skills required and role of the first aider including the use of available equipment and the recording of incidents and actions.
-Basic hygiene for first aid procedures.

-Assessment of the situation and circumstances in order to be able to act safely, promptly and effectively in an emergency.

-Assessment of the casualty, including their neurological state and possible disability arising from head injury or spinal injury.