Is it important for the certificate to be issued according to a quality mark?

Since 2005, in the Netherlands, first aid training and guidelines have no longer been determined by a single organization. The Approval Scheme for first aid training courses by the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport (VWS) regarding The Oranje Kruis has been revoked, and the government has left the regulation of first aid training courses to market forces. As a result, there is no longer official government recognition of first aid diplomas.

In the Netherlands, various organizations now establish first aid guidelines and certify first aid providers (first aiders). All certifying first aid organizations in the Netherlands more or less adhere to the same basic guidelines, including the resuscitation guidelines of the Dutch Resuscitation Council (NRR) / European Resuscitation Council (ERC).

It is crucial that instruction is conducted according to the guidelines of a certification body to maintain the quality. All our instructors are certified by The Oranje Kruis and NVB (Dutch Association for First Aid Instructors), and they follow pedagogical methods we have developed ourselves.

Additionally, a course from is also internationally recognized and well-known. Another advantage of this course is its short, intensive duration of 6 or 12 hours. An course is characterized by a highly practical approach with only essential theory being covered.

At, you can also take the Basic Child First Aid course, including Nikta certification, which is legally required for childminders.