Partner – Kenniscentrum Integrale Veiligheid (KCIV)

Knowledge Center for Integrated Safety (KCIV); Sales, Industry Research, and Public Safety

Collaboration with Vuurrood Veiligheid to provide support for workshops, presentations, and masterclasses in the field of Integrated Safety. In terms of topics, think initially of:

-Trends in Safety and Security
-Crisis Management Support (government-related)
-Business Continuity Management (policy)
-Safety and Security Intelligence (processing)

KCIV, led by Fokko Mellema, is actively involved in this. It is also a fact for KCIV that integrated safety often falls on the shoulders of decision-makers at a strategic level. A broader perspective is needed. KCIV is important to us, especially for knowledge exchange and the further development and expansion of the ‘Vuurrood Veiligheid Concepts’.