Private limited companies and foundations with which we collaborate on a daily basis.

Partners in services and products.

– BHV-events
– Veiligheidscentrum Haaglanden
– Veiligheidscentrum Haarlemmermeer
– Proseo B.V.
– Arvem
– Deskbookers
– Anna Vastgoed & Cultuur
– Kenniscentrum Integrale Veiligheid (KCIV)
– Grafisch Lyceum Rotterdam
– Madern Public Business (MPB)
– Huschka Groep
– Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB)
– Albeda
– ROC-Mondriaan
– ROC Midden-Nederland
– Zadkine
– mboRijnland
– De Haagse Hogeschool
– Branche Vereniging Bedrijfshulpverlening Nederland (BVBN)
– Orange Access B.V.
– Combikr8
– Nederlandse Vereniging Bedrijfshulpverlening (NVB)
– Kiwa
– Het Certificaat
– Techniek College Rotterdam
– Cibot
– MyCode95
– MySkool
– Shell Bakery
– Fire control
– Laduk technische installaties
– Oscar veiligheidskundige

In the realm of fire safety, prevention materials, and their annual maintenance, as well as for security training or First Responder training, Vuurrood Veiligheid has consolidated its strengths with several certified companies. Through these partnerships, we can guarantee quality and certifications.

We are your point of contact to fulfill and maintain all your safety requirements and wishes in the field of safety. From guiding you through the user permit process, creating an emergency response plan, or providing technical drawings to executing annual continuity and ensuring safety.


These collaborations have been established with Fire-red B.V. and the parties below for the purpose of “safeguarding” quality or to broaden the quality of services offered. These parties are:

Childcare Offers has emerged from a passion for collaboration within the childcare industry, always placing the child at the center. From this perspective, we create a situation where everyone wins: childcare centers, childminder agencies and childminders, parents, and, of course, the children.

With the ambition to handle everything excellently, we strive daily to make a difference for all parties involved.

We collaborate with both small, medium-sized, and large childcare centers. Size doesn’t matter to us. We also partner with various providers in the Netherlands.

Therefore, we make every effort to add value to all parties and stakeholders in the childcare sector.

Center for Integrated Safety Knowledge (KCIV); Sales & Industry Research & Public Safety

Collaboration with Fire-red Safety to provide support for workshops, presentations, and Masterclasses in the field of Integrated Safety. In terms of topics, we are initially considering:

  • Trends in Safety and Security
  • Crisis management support (government-related)
  • Business Continuity Management (policy-oriented)
  • Safety and Security Intelligence (processing)

KCIV, with Fokko Mellema leading the team, is actively involved. It is also a fact for KCIV that integrated safety often falls within the purview of strategic decision-makers. We need to think more broadly. KCIV is important to us, primarily focusing on knowledge exchange and the continuous development and expansion of the “Fire-red Safety Concepts.”


We are an NCP-recognized maintenance company and specialists in the broadest sense of the word in the field of fire safety, burglary protection, and fire/burglary prevention. Through this collaboration, Fire-red can offer you a complete package for the maintenance obligations (logbook) of your business’s safety.

You can turn to us for the inspection of, among other things, all brands and types of fire extinguishers and fire hose reels according to current regulations.

  • NEN 2559 portable fire extinguishers
  • NEN 2659 mobile fire extinguishers
  • NEN 671/3 fire hose reels

All inspection and maintenance work is carried out by a certified REOB technician.

Repairs, overhauls, extensive maintenance, and refills are performed in our own workshop.

We perform repairs in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications using original parts.

In addition, we can provide annual maintenance and the 5-year testing of all types of dry fire mains in accordance with NEN 1594.

  • Furthermore, we can handle the inspection and replenishment of first aid kits or your AED.

Laduk Technical Installations

We inspect emergency lighting fixtures in accordance with the guidelines of the Dutch Association of Emergency Lighting Manufacturers.

  • We certify electrical tools in compliance with NEN 3140..

Oscar, the safety consultant (self-employed),

  • Inspects stairs, ladders, and scaffolding.

Madern Public Business (MPB); Providing sales (at the executive level) and industry-specific support in the field of safety.

Collaboration with Fire-red Safety in support of connecting and Training & Coaching at the executive level, interim management. MPB’s focus here is on Leadership, Behavior, Communication, and Safety. It is an independent agency dedicated to developing and inspiring individuals, organizations, teams, and leadership, leading to growth, satisfaction, enjoyment, and (business) performance.

Products and services offered by MPB:

  • Personal coaching for executives
  • Team coaching and training
  • Mission-Vision-Strategy processes (policy and plan development)
  • Interim Management
  • Inspiration Sessions

Martin (H.E.) Madern is not only the director at Madern Public Business but also the chairman at International Justice Mission Netherlands (IJM). He has been a manager in various projects, such as the team manager for Safety Infrastructure Project A4 Delft-Schiedam at Rijkswaterstaat. Martin is a certified TTI Success Insights (TSI) DISC & Profile Dynamics coach.; Sales

Vuurrood and have had a close partnership for years in the field of evacuation route and emergency exit prevention/security and installation/maintenance. These specific products offer standalone solutions for emergency exits, which can also be integrated with intrusion and fire alarm systems. Learn more at 

At Fire-red Safety, you can access, among other things, mandatory occupational health and safety courses and training throughout the Netherlands, both through open enrollment and customized InCompany solutions. This includes, for example, Occupational Emergency Response (BHV), Safety Checklist for Contractors (VCA), or First Aid training (EHBO).

Practice BHV with real-life fire scenarios using, for instance, the Fire-red Fire Trailer. This is customized for fire drills. We are passionate about customization, and it is the basis of our slogan.

Shell Bakery; Food and drinks

As soon as Fire-red provides breakfast, lunch, or dinner, it must be delicious and healthy! The Bakery delivers this according to our customers’ preferences. We believe it’s essential that our customers can relax during a demanding course or meeting with a well-catered lunch. Whether it’s halal meat, a vegetarian, gluten-free meal, or a diet-specific option, at Fire-red Safety, everything is possible.

And, of course, don’t forget the freshly made BHV sandwich!

In the realm of catering, both for the corporate and private markets, Pavilion Kobus is the partner. We daily provide sandwich lunches, snacks, and appetizers for events, as well as meals for overtime work. But we can also tailor our services for events like herring parties. Many have come before you. Call or email us for a customized proposal for your request.; A concept by BMBV and Proseo B.V.

This website,, has been established in collaboration with Proseo B.V. to offer the complete range of safety products/prevention and related products/prevention from Vuurrood,, and to the consumer. This includes a clear overview of quality and price comparison.; Concept by Fire-red Safety

The concept has been developed under the auspices of Fire-red. The primary reason for Fire-red to bring this concept to the market lies in the fact that there are 85,000 accidents occurring in the Netherlands each year, and we find that to be too many. The Occupational Health and Safety Act (Arbowet) has a significant impact on businesses and applies to everyone. To reduce the number of accidents, a proper approach is needed. Business owners are now given greater responsibility to ensure workplace safety.

Prevention and the ability to act during an accident or emergency are crucial. Fire-red aims to contribute to a safer Netherlands where BHV (Emergency Response) knowledge and practical experience come together for all your personnel in a company event.
“One BHV worker is not the same as another!”

Safety Center
Vuurrood has a training center for security and safety courses in 4 major regions.

These are easily accessible locations that offer workspaces, training and meeting rooms, all with a variety of amenities available for your use. Plus, parking is always free for visitors!

  • Safety Center Haaglanden; Location The Hague
  • Safety Center North Holland; Location Amstelveen
  • Safety Center Rotterdam Rijnmond; Location Capelle aan de IJssel
  • Safety Center Central Netherlands; Location Amersfoort

Proseo BV; Automation

Vuurrood works on various concepts and projects, including in collaboration with Proseo BV, especially through our own websites. This includes tasks such as website management, Google AdWords, Google Analytics, CMIS, and more.

Fire-red B.V.; MVK / HVK (NTA8220)

Undoubtedly the expert in safety. For the occupational health service provider, a young and dynamic organization that responds to market developments and specializes in fire safety.

Fire safety is a broad concept where consultancy plays a significant role, supplemented by the stringent requirements from various regulations. We are authorized to provide advice to safety regions, executive services, various municipalities, real estate developers, and businesses. Audits can be conducted, and certification can be achieved in a short timeframe (NTA 8220). Our expertise lies in creating complete fire safety Risk Inventory & Evaluation (RI&E), rapid building scans, or building labeling. But also consider flow capacity calculations, evacuation scenarios, building code checks, building plan reviews, and all municipal notifications and permits. We also create Program of Requirements (PvE) for the implementation and maintenance of a fire detection system, evacuation system, sprinkler system, and gas suppression system. In summary, we relieve your organization of (fire) safety concerns, ensuring compliance with labor law, building regulations, and insurance requirements.

Orange Access B.V; Arnhem Kleefse Waard Industrial Park

Following an exploratory discussion (2017) with Orange Access, we have been actively collaborating on high-quality training solutions in the field of “working at heights,” including GWO recognition and/or certification. They specialize in this area alongside Vuurrood Safety.

Training Services

  • Work & Rescue – Working at Heights
  • Work & Rescue – Working in Confined Spaces
  • GWO Basic Safety Training
  • Rope Access – IRATA

Rope Access Services

  • Consultancy
  • Rescue & Intervention
  • Maintenance
  • Access to Confined Spaces
  • Civil Engineering & Infrastructure

Sales & Inspection Services

  • Advising on the right choice of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and rescue equipment
  • Sales of PPE and equipment
  • Testing and inspection of PPE and equipment

Whether as a standalone service or as part of a team, ORANGE ACCESS works with qualified, multi-skilled consultants and trainers globally to serve a wide range of clients in the offshore oil & gas sector, petrochemical sector, maritime sector, wind energy sector, electrical power supply, civil & utility construction, road & waterworks, theater & events.

All these services are performed in accordance with national and international codes of best practices and standards. Orange Access – Safety Works!

They also inspect mobile fall protection equipment from most reputable brands, including, for example: SKALT, PETZL, BEAL, HEIGHTEC, and more. You can, therefore, turn to us for the inspection of various materials, including the following: Office +31 (0)26 363 77 44

-Fall protection lines
-Fall arrest blocks
-Slings and webbing loops
-Shock absorbers
-Fall arrest devices
-Temporary lifelines

With expert advice in the sale of fall protection equipment, they assist us in our prevention webshop
ORANGE ACCESS is a Full Member operator and trainer of IRATA, the world’s largest rope access association, and initiated the Netherlands’ first Rope Access Training Center. ORANGE ACCESS is a quality and safety management system recognized company, audited to ISO 9001, VCA* 2008/5.1 (DNV-GL), GWO (Bureau Vertitas), and IRATA International. ORANGE ACCESS is also a member of Renewable UK.

Projects; miscellaneous

Vuurrood works for companies and institutions such as hotels, housing associations, healthcare facilities, retail chains, and industrial projects. Vuurrood realizes these projects in close collaboration with reputable installation companies and long-term partners. We are also registered on…

To provide tailored solutions in compliance with labor laws, municipal requirements, or insurance company standards for entrepreneurs, foundations, and associations, we are happy to visit you free of charge to assess your needs.