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What is an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED)?
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First Aid Tips and Facts <<Click here>>

Did you know?

Hand washing protocol

Fact or fabel?

An organization should have 1 emergency response officer (ERO) for every 50 employees.
If someone chokes, they should take a sip of water.
If someone has a nosebleed, they should tilt their head backward so that the blood stops coming out of their nose.
To much alcohol can have such a numbing effect on the nervous system that it can paralyze your respiratory centers.
If your tooth falls out with the root intact, you should store it in a glass of cold milk.
Most home fires occur due to the burning of the fireplace.

Work equipment must be inspected annually.

An ERO-course must be repeated every year.

A ERO (Emergency Response Officer) worker must redo both the theoretical and practical parts every year.

First Aid Trivia and facts

Do you know what to do in the event of a burn caused by fireworks?

First Aid did you know?

Heart issues in women are often perceived as symptoms of menopause.
Only 3.1 percent of the Dutch population holds a valid first aid certificate or diploma.

What is cpr?

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Eerstehulpinternationaal.nl offers various first aid courses, including:

• Emergency First Aid LEH Course
• Emergency First Aid to childeren LEH Course
• First Aid Basic English language
• First Aid Children Basic English language

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