What are the InCompany location requirements?

For an InCompany first aid course, the location must meet specific requirements, including:

  • A classroom that can be blacked out or made dark.
  • Availability of a projector (beamer).
  • A wall or screen where the projector can be directed.
  • A whiteboard or flip chart with writing materials.
  • Enough tables and chairs for a maximum of 12 people.
  • A space of at least 35m2 for theory.
  • For practical exercises:
    • First Aid / LSS: a minimum of 10m2 of space without tables and chairs.

For InCompany exams, the client (the organization or company) should provide a suitable examination space that meets the following criteria:

  • Each participant has their own table and chair.
  • Participants’ faces are oriented in the same direction.
  • Sufficient lighting.
  • No disruptive noise.
  • Appropriate temperature.
  • A designated area for participants who have completed the exam.